Read to the Final Four

Family Zone

Just as fans cheer for athletes during a game, families can support students by encouraging them to participate in Read to the Final Four® and motivating them to read every day.

Inspire your child to get in the game and advance through the reading competition with these strategies and resources.

Getting started is easy

To participate in Read to the Final Four, students read on a personalized digital literacy platform, powered by Renaissance myON®. Follow these simple steps help your child start reading and competing today.

  1. To log in, follow the instructions provided by your child’s teacher.
  2. After logging in, encourage your child to click on the Library tab at the top of the screen and then click Recommended to find books that match his or her interests and reading level. You can also click Browse or Search to explore additional titles.
  3. Once your child opens a book, he or she can activate reading supports by selecting the appropriate buttons in the toolbars for audio, zoom, text highlighting, and more. Click on any word in the text to see the dictionary.
Getting started is easy