Read to the Final Four

Teacher Locker Room

Just as coaches motivate teams to play their best and strive for a win, educators like you can inspire every student in your class to achieve reading growth by participating in Read to the Final Four®.

Encourage your students to get in the game and advance through the reading competition with these strategies and resources.

Make a game plan

Coaching your students on how to participate and achieve their best performance in the reading competition starts with an effective game plan. These resources and best practices will help you engage students in reading and help them achieve success in the competition, the classroom, and beyond.

Renaissance myON equipment room

The Read to the Final Four reading competition uses a digital literacy platform powered by Renaissance myON® to provide access to books and track time spent reading. Learn more with these helpful resources and videos.

Read to the Final Four: Launch Video

Hey third grade students, the Read to the Final Four challenge is officially underway. Check out this short video to learn about the program and get focused on reading!

Meet your myON customer success manager, Anna Eddie

I am excited to support Metro Atlanta educators as we inspire your third-grade students to read. Please reach out to me with any questions about myON. I look forward to working with you.

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